Gather actionable customer feedback in minutes.

Growth Metrics is a fast and effective way to gather feedback from your customers using the Net Promoter System® (NPS). Your customers answer a single question while you get to learn what your customers think, track their sentiments over time and engage with them instantly.

Effortless setup

Growth Metrics provides you with two methods to collect feedback. You can either embed our script and show surveys directly on your site or you can send out the survey to your users via email. No technical knowledge required.

Beautiful & customizable surveys

Upload your own logo, choose your brand's colors and tweak the content to better suit your product. You have complete control over the design of the surveys. Growth Metrics also supports multiple languages.

Instant Responses

You will start seeing responses in your dashboard as soon as a customer shares feedback. You can also segment & filter responses based on specific properties. Growth Metrics also lets you reply to customers instantly.

Even more benefits: Automatic scheduling, recurring surveys, track NPS trends over time, advanced filtering & segmenting to monitor specific user groups, API access & CSV export.

What is Net Promoter System?

Gain powerful insights about your customers with just one question - How likely are you to recommend us?.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a way to measure the customer satisfaction and loyatly that your customers have towards your product or service.

It consists two questions - the first is answered on a numerical scale of 0 - 10. This is followed by an open-ended answer where customers can share their experiences, problems or reviews. Taken together, NPS gives both a quantitative metric that can be monitored over time and a qualitative insight that can be used to enhance customer engagement.

NPS is being used by almost two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies. Some of the popular brands that are using it are HBO, Fitbit, Dell, Uber, Amazon, Slack & Adobe.

What is Net Promoter Score?

Growth Metrics is currently in beta and we are getting ready for a public launch.

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